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My journey to a multi-award-winning marketer, plus tips to get you there

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

20 years ago. I remember it like yesterday. I was standing in my office, the sun streaming in and shining off the desktop. Placed upon it was the daily mail and a fantastic, glossy postcard gleaming on top. It was an invitation to submit your best and brightest marketing to be judged by a panel of professionals within the marketing profession.

How I dreamed of having work that could hold up to the scrutiny.

At the time, I was a marketing coordinator and fulfilling the tasks outlined by a consulting organization. It was a necessary and important role and one I was qualified for at the time.

But I wanted more. I wanted to prove my salt. I wanted to show what I could do, and that what I do really can make a difference.

So, I learned more, I did more, I studied more, I reached out more, and I attended more meetings until I was well-versed enough to prove that I could do all the marketing for the organization. I mean, everything from writing the strategy, building out the campaigns, doing the creative, voicing the ads, implementing the tactics, managing the money, and completing the evaluation. Working on a limited budget, you’d be amazed at what I could come up with!

My General Manager believed in me and was willing to give me a chance to carry the marketing. I’ll never forget this opportunity and the support and guidance he gave me over the years (thank you, Chuck).

Over time, I learned a lot about collaboration. Marketing can’t stand on its own – you need to have the team support you. So, instead of squirreling away in my office each day (which I could have done very easily), I would start by walking around the office to each employee to wish them a ‘good morning’ and strike a short conversation with them. You’d be surprised how far this went in forging the comfort and connection you need as a marketing leader.

17 years ago. It was time. I submitted my first marketing work to be judged. This included a written component as well a preparing a presentation board that would be displayed in a conference room full of hundreds of other submissions – people like me, vying for that recognition. I word-smithed every sentence of that entry, I pulled out my scissors and glue (yes, I did that), to put my name in the hat for judging. It was nerve-wracking. What was even harder though, was waiting to see if I qualified.

And then it happened, the email came in. It read along the lines of “Congratulations, you have qualified to be recognized with an AIM or AIME” (this stands for Achievement in Marketing/Achievement in Marketing Excellence). Join us at the gala to accept your award.”

Needless to say, every emotion came crashing in like the waves of an ocean. I did it. I really did it.

This was the first of many national awards I am proud to have received over the years. Do you remember that collaboration piece I spoke of earlier? It couldn’t have happened without the team I was working with. Marketing success and results don’t happen all alone.

Is being an award-winning marketer on your bucket list? Here’s my tips to get there:

1. Believe in yourself – that nasty gremlin of doubt may try to muscle in, but just give it a good sound boot out of your mind.

2. Build your tribe – this includes the marketing team you work alongside, the employees and leadership you work with, your vendors and suppliers, and your network of peers.

3. Stay sharp – learning never stops. Ever. Seek out opportunities to learn something new or refine what you think you know.

4. Take a chance – submitting your work for an award isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes time and dedication. If in doubt, refer to point #1.

You got this.

Keep on being amazing,



With a drive to accomplish high-quality results, the marketing work Lyanne has spear-headed in business has been recognized and awarded nationally on several occasions. In addition to this, she proudly holds the Chartered Marketer designation through the Canadian Marketing Association.

After serving 28 years in corporate finance, she emboldened into new territory by striking up a business marketing consulting practice that exists to lighten the load of marketing leaders. Having been a leader in marketing, she appreciates the complexities of the job and the many demands that come with it.

Whether you are interested in learning more about how blue dragonfly can help your business, are interested in joining or learning more about Mastermind groups, would like to chat about a speaking engagement, or just want to meet with Lyanne, this is a great way to get started. Connect today.

Cheers to the beginning of a great relationship.

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