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In case you'd like to get a sense of what working with Lyanne is like, here are a handful of testimonials (in their own words), from professionals like you.

We highly recommend Lyanne to any Credit Union wanting to build a comprehensive Strategic Marketing Plan. She made the process so easy for us and did an extensive amount of research that will help guide us not only this year, but for years to come. During our weekly meetings we gained so much knowledge from Lyanne about marketing. Her passion for the field is evident, and our discussions were always thought-provoking and meaningful. She always left us with ideas and things to take back and use in our everyday work lives in addition to the marketing plan.

Pamela Marfleet, Marketing Coordinator, Churchbridge Credit Union
Connie Olm, FCUIC, VP of Deposit & Support Services, Churchbridge Credit Union

How does a stand-alone credit union continue to stand out? How do we communicate the relevance of credit union values with the next generation of members?  Is our service offering enough to keep us competitive? How can marketing tie all of these pieces together?


I was drowning in an effort to answer these questions when I was introduced to Lyanne. With over 30 years of industry experience, Lyanne’s unique skill set has made her an invaluable and collaborative partner in the field of marketing strategy for our organization. Her insights, educational guidance, and unwavering support have significantly elevated my marketing acumen.

Lynda Parsons, Marketing Manager, Swan Valley Credit Union

Working with Lyanne has been a wonderful experience.  She has thoughtful, clear advice on how to help you reach your marketing goals and overcome challenges you are facing in your organization.  She has helped reframe my way of thinking and approaching challenges to get results.  Lyanne’s passion for both marketing and the credit union system shines through in every session and makes working with her easy and relatable. 

Megan Heidt, B.Comm., ACUIC,  Manager of Marketing, Unity Credit Union Limited

I’ve found you, Lyanne, to be very experienced and knowledgeable about what you do, and very willing and passionate about sharing it. The extra cherry on top for us is you have that deep credit union background which really helps leverage marketing knowledge into our organization.

Ian Heggstrom, General Manager, Turtleford Credit Union

I highly recommend Lyanne's (blue dragonfly Marketing Strategies) services for strategic marketing planning. Lyanne helped our team identify priorities while staying aligned with the organization's strategic goals and priorities. Through weekly meetings, she kept us focused and held us accountable, elevated our knowledge and articulated the applicability of each section of the plan. Through her facilitation and guidance, the marketing culture at NCL was strengthened. Not only do we have a solid plan in place to make sure our marketing efforts are tightly aligned, but we also have learned so much in the process.

Cathy Hicks, Manager of Human Resources and Marketing, National Consulting Limited (update, Cathy is now retired)

Lyanne is like a Swiss army knife of skills and can bring in assistance to any kind of marketing challenges that people have.

I encourage any credit union with a resource strapped department to consider working with Lyanne (blue dragonfly); she felt like an extension of our department. She went over and above, and most of all, we had a really strong working relationship with a powerful outcome.

Beverly Brooks, Manager of Marketing, Prairie Centre Credit Union

Lyanne is a very thoughtful, creative, and hard-working individual. She is motivated by challenges and does not hesitate to venture into new waters. She has the perseverance and intellect it takes to negotiate new scenarios successfully. Lyanne understands the use and the power of data in today’s marketing approach. She has used it successfully and honed her skills to be recognized for her expertise. In addition to her marketing knowledge and skills, she has the ability to listen and relate to what her audience needs. As a person, she is warm, compassionate, always smiling, and willing to help.

Deepak Mehta, SVP, Fincuro

Under Lyanne’s leadership and guidance, I have observed our marketing team transition from supporting and responding to tactical needs of our retail team to proactively integrating Synergy’s strategic plan into all tactical retail marketing initiatives that ultimately lift Synergy’s brand.  Even very sensitive of topics like diversity, equity and inclusion are nudged through Synergy’s annual marketing efforts with class and distinction.  This is why Synergy’s marketing team has been recognized by its credit union peers on numerous occasions with best-in-class marketing awards.

Glenn Stang, CEO Synergy Credit Union

Lyanne is the type of Mastermind facilitator you look forward to – making sure there’s appropriate forethought and discussion so the result is meaningful, actionable insights and ideas. And she can add depth because she’s been through it all herself – branding, segmentation, strategy, automation, data, measurement, et. al. We met at the Financial Brand Forum in 2019 and as someone who was new to banking, I made a point to follow and engage her. She’s worth following!

Joel A. Swanson II, Vice President Marketing, Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union, Minnesota USA

I have been fortunate to work alongside Lyanne for over 5 years. She is a talented individual so full of energy, creativity, and passion. She is an expert at taking an organizations mission, vision and strategy and connecting them to the marketing strategic plan and the tactics to support it. Lyanne’s ability allows her to connect strategy to bold and creative campaigns creating real impact for our members and communities. Lyanne is always listening to the voice of the member, her team members, and what the data is telling her. This enables her to be agile and flexible to ensure plans are timely and relevant. Lyanne is a great leader and has proven that she was as effective remotely as she was in person, a skill few have. I highly recommend Lyanne as a leader, communicator, facilitator, and strategist. Have a conversation, you will see!

Trevor Beaton, Chief Innovation and People Officer, Synergy Credit Union

Without a doubt, Lyanne is a fearless and compassionate leader that I would want in my corner any day of the week...At the time of our collaboration, I worked with Lyanne and her mighty team of 2 (A Communication specialists and a Marketing Coordinator) who made the vision a reality... Through countless tactical and strategic meetings and workshops, Lyanne helped to lead her team to think more about social and how it can impact the business and was instrumental in inviting other business leaders to learn from and embark upon social as well.

Tarik Ganibegovic, Customer Success Manager, Hootsuite

Lyanne’s passion and creativity helped lead our organization in elevating our brand, image and reputation.  She challenges status-quo thinking and pushed us out of our comfort zone to further explore strategic and innovative ways to utilize data analytics and better understand our customers and overall market.  The bold energy that Lyanne brings with her many years of Marketing expertise ignites curiosity to uncover new opportunities and grow the business.

Kristy Miazga, Manager of Retail, Synergy Credit Union

I strongly recommend hiring Lyanne to get the most out of your market research. She is laser focused on meeting her client’s needs and maximizes their investment to the fullest extent possible. Lyanne is a natural collaborator, both in-person but especially virtually (we worked together remotely for 4 years without a single hitch). She is articulate and absorbs vast amounts of information efficiently. Most importantly, she can clearly see what action needs to be taken based on research findings and has a special knack for getting stakeholders on the same page and making things happen. Lyanne’s calm, practical, and creative approach to solving challenges is as reassuring as it is effective (that is, very!). If you think you need a consulting specialist, don’t look any further; you won’t find one better than Lyanne.

Ayden Verhulst, Senior Account Director & Partner at The Sentis Group

I’ve enjoyed working closely with Lyanne and knowing her for over 2 years. Working with Lyanne, I learned how the right Marketing strategies can take an organization to another level. Marketing is so much more than just branding and handling social media. Her leadership and involvement throughout projects have had a very positive impact and were key contributors of success.

Lyanne is full of amazing ideas, an out of box thinker, very passionate and brings along great positive energy in her work. Her ability to connect and communicate with her audience, be it her team, peers or anyone outside the organization is amazing. Her smile is contagious, and her work ethics are strong. I’ve seen her deliver exceptionally well even with stringent timelines. I always tell her that she is amazing, and I would love to work with her again!

Anshu Sharma, Project Manager, Synergy Credit Union

I had the opportunity to participate in one of Lyanne’s Mastermind groups, where I made some really strong connections, received great advice thanks to collective wisdom, and left with a much deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing our industry and our profession. Trust me when I say you should jump on this.

Corinne Johnson, Senior Manager, Member and Community Engagement, Interior Savings Credit Union

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Lyanne lead the coordination of a Mastermind group I had the pleasure to be part of! I highly recommend Lyanne and the Mastermind experience; there is nothing better than collaborating with other like-minded individuals to share ideas, experiences, and perspectives that everyone can learn from. I walked away with ideas and actionable insights that could be put into practice immediately. Lyanne does a great job of facilitating as she brings out the best in people and facilitates great conversation to ensure there is value in the time spent together which was much appreciated! Lyanne is a breath of fresh air and such an absolute pleasure to work with!

Lori Walsh, Director, Strategy & Brand, Cornerstone Credit Union

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