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from 'ok' to OUTSTANDING

Company: Prairie Centre Credit Union
Representative: Beverly Brooks, Manager of Marketing
Industry: Financial Services
Asset size: $1+ billion
Branches: 16 locations

How blue dragonfly helped a resource-strapped department digest and understand their research to enable

data-informed strategic decisions and positioning





Beverly has been with Prairie Centre Credit Union for 29 years, and in the marketing area for 25 of those years.

In fact, she WAS the marketing department until a few years ago when a marketing coordinator was hired to assist Beverly. 

“Marketing has changed an enormous amount over the last 25 years”


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“Not many years ago, you could cast a wide net across your trading area with only a traditional media marketing approach and be met with success. That is not the case today.”

Beverly, leading the Prairie Centre marketing team, partnered with a Canadian research company to get a better understanding of the marketplace where they operate. Their goal was to identify areas for growth while also building an understanding of the values and beliefs of the people who live there.

The intent of this research was two-fold: 

  1. To provide quality, forward thinking information in a digestible format to the board of directors for their upcoming strategic planning session to enable data-informed decisions, and 

  2. To reach their audiences with relevant content and proactive strategies that resonate with them, resulting in strong connections and conversations that help members and potential members.

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“As the research started to unfold and the findings were coming back to us, I was feeling overwhelmed.”

With many pressing priorities placed on the Prairie Centre marketing team, and only so much time in the day, they were looking for someone that could come in with a focused effort to disseminate, teach and assist in bringing their story to life based on the data they received - in a way that was understood, digestible AND actionable for the leadership team and board of directors.

“I had zero hesitation with working with you, Lyanne (blue dragonfly), based on your number of years in the credit union industry and your experience in working with this research. I was so happy to hear that you were available to us, and I was really excited to work with you, but more importantly, to throw us a lifeline.”


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An initial meeting involving representatives from Prairie Centre’s marketing, executive and IT teams was held to ensure everyone was on the same page. Following this, a connection was made for the secure sharing of information between the research company, Prairie Centre Credit Union and blue dragonfly.

From March to June, a regular cadence of emails and meetings was held, with targets and goal-posts set along the way. There were a few time delays due to various circumstance, however the end date remained the same. This concentrated timeframe required greater focus in a shorter period of time, while still reaching our expected target. 

Lyanne (blue dragonfly) served as a liaison with the research company, as an analyst of the resulting research, and an educator on how/what this information can mean to Prairie Centre. Beverly brought her deep knowledge and experience with Prairie Centre. Together, we successfully combined a tremendous amount of data and information. This was a truly collaborative effort.

“All along, through the whole project, I felt you were an extension of our marketing department.

We worked very well together, and you did a great job for Prairie Centre on a short time frame, and gave us the results and the outcome.”



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In only a few months, Beverly evolved from surface level to a strong understanding of the research. She then confidently articulated it – along with ideas of what could be possible - to
the board of directors and executive leadership team. This marked the first board strategic planning session in Beverly’s memory where marketing was invited – a huge coup for herself, her department, and the leadership team in recognizing the value that marketing can deliver.

“So often marketing has been looked at as a cost, but we were able to turn that conversation around and show the opportunity of what’s available through data and the ROI potential.”

The goal of this project was to present the board of directors with information they may have never seen before and think about how to go forward very differently. The next steps will be
decided by the board and leadership as they set the strategic direction in the coming months.

“Instead of casting that wide net and doing traditional marketing, we know we must do things differently. You were a huge help to me to make sure we did the research justice. This also helped springboard further discussions and change the way we view marketing. It will help in how we set up organizational targets and more. You were a big, big part of that.”


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If your credit union is resource strapped – either by time or knowledge, and/or attracting and hiring an experienced marketer is not viable, consider connecting with Lyanne at blue dragonfly to see what’s possible. It could be your project, which moves from ‘Ok’ to Outstanding.

"It’s not just data Lyanne focuses on.

She is like a Swiss army knife of skills and can bring in assistance to any kind of marketing challenges that people have.

I encourage any credit union with a resource strapped department to consider working with Lyanne (blue dragonfly); she felt like an extension of our department. She went over and above, and most of all, we had a really strong working relationship with a powerful outcome.”

Get in touch today to chat about what's possible for your business.

This could be the first step of an incredible relationship.

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