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Pull up your (virtual) seat to the Leader's Table, a mastermind for people leading people.


Secure your place in this confidential group of 4 to 6 leaders. Leaders like you, who have direct reports of whom you are doing so much more than ‘managing’. You are continually looking for ways to guide each one to be their best, and to bring their best selves to work every day. This is a group for leaders from any industry, at any level (example manager, to CEO, to small business owner), because the challenges are the same and the different perspectives could be of great value.

As a leader, you may be faced with a new challenge every day. And for the most part, these are ones you have every ability and capacity to handle. But you may also get challenges that stumps you, or drains you, or even greatly frustrates you.

Here are a handful of people leadership challenges you may relate to:

  • feeling overwhelmed

  • managing resources when it feels like everyone is maxed out

  • delivering a tough message

  • helping your team find purpose in their work

  • going through an organizational change when you are yourself are not sure about it

  • conflict between team members

  • impostor syndrome (questioning your own skills, judgements, and decisions)

  • working with someone with drastically different perspectives

At the Leader's Table, you’ll open up and share your challenge that has presented itself. With the collective wisdom, experience, and trust of each leader at the table - leaders who are vested in your success - you will receive their thoughts and ideas to help solve your problem.


In only 30 minutes, you will have immediately actionable ways to solve the challenge you presented.


Leadership isn’t about knowing everything.

It’s knowing that you don’t know everything.

Leaders Table Logo with words.png
This is a new group.
Applications are currently being accepted.
There is a minimum of 4 leaders required to launch this dynamic collaboration.

The Details

Your time commitment

90-minute, monthly meetings.

Third Wednesday of the month at 10:30am, Saskatchewan time (the day of week/time of day may be flexible, depending upon agreement of the group).

Target start date is to be determine.

12-month commitment, excluding July and August.

Virtual Meetings

You will join via the Microsoft Teams platform, with your video on.

Introductory Price

$1,500 CAD annually

For additional information on how a mastermind works and what's in it for you visit the Leader's Table page.

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Benefits of the Leaders Table

Get to result(s) faster than you may have on your own.

Acquire a broader view for solving your challenges.

Gain wisdom and experience of others.

Shorten the learning curve.

Receive instant feedback.

Learn best practices.

Meet on a regular basis.

Carve out dedicated time to problem solve.

Be accountable to action ideas.

Build your network; you’ll be in a group of 4-8 like-minded leaders from various industries.

Save time and money.

You'll have a trained Mastermind facilitator guiding the group (learn more about your facilitator, Lyanne).

What people say about
working with Lyanne

Lyanne lead the coordination of a Mastermind group I had the pleasure to be part of! I highly recommend Lyanne and the Mastermind experience; there is nothing better than collaborating with other like-minded individuals to share ideas, experiences, and perspectives that everyone can learn from. I walked away with ideas and actionable insights that could be put into practice immediately. Lyanne does a great job of facilitating as she brings out the best in people and facilitates great conversation to ensure there is value in the time spent together which was much appreciated! Lyanne is a breath of fresh air and such an absolute pleasure to work with!

Lori Walsh, Director, Strategy & Brand, Cornerstone Credit Union

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