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Mastermind for Credit Union Marketing Leaders

You are invited to join a group of like-minded credit union marketing leaders to come together and collaborate to drive ideas and action. Participation in this group will help clarify your goals, create a plan of action, and then act on it with the support and accountability of this new network, all in a matter of weeks. You can think of this as the ultimate brainstorming event.


Welcome to the blue dragonfly Mastermind for Credit Union Marketing Leaders.

If you have never heard of a Mastermind before, here are a few benefits of being a part of this elite group:

  • Get to result(s) faster than you may have on your own.

  • Get a broader view for solving your challenges.

  • Gain wisdom and experience of others.

  • Shorten the learning curve.

  • Get instant feedback.

  • Learn best practices.

  • Meet on a regular basis.

  • Carve out dedicated time to problem solve.

  • Be accountable to action ideas.

  • Build your network; you’ll be in a group of 4-8 like-minded marketers.

  • Save time and money.

  • You'll have Lyanne, a trained Mastermind facilitator and seasoned credit union marketing strategist, who helps solve challenges and get goals into action (learn more about Lyanne.)

Essentially, the blue dragonfly Mastermind for Credit Union Marketing Leaders can help you to design clear goals with a solid action plan to move you forward, faster.


To help imagine this, here are a few ideas you may like to talk about (leverage these and/or bring your own unique challenges to the group):

  • new and different ideas for marketing your products and services,

  • techniques for revenue marketing, lead generation, traditional marketing and/or demand generation,

  • fortify your marketing plan,

  • foster a marketing culture in your credit union,

  • how to approach a big project (like mergers, new digital banking, new website, etc.),

  • how to use data and analytics/ best practices,

  • managing a team or working with agencies,

  • time and email management,

  • community engagement techniques,

  • brand awareness.



Want to learn more? Watch this short video.

Ready to dive right in? Apply to join the blue dragonfly Mastermind for Credit Union Marketing Leaders.

Testimonials from marketing leaders

How does Mastermind work?

  • Each participant will have the opportunity to be in what we affectionately call, the ‘hotseat’ (no, it's not really hot, and there are no fiery red ants after you).

  • When you're in the hot seat you are the sole focus of the group's attention. You get instant feedback, hear new perspectives, get better and more numerous ideas and solutions than you could conceive on your own - massively reducing your learning curve. Everyone will have a turn in the hotseat (but not everyone at the same meeting time).

  • Mastermind groups work because members want to be part of something bigger than themselves. The group energy is a key component to the mastermind group, and you have to be connected and give fully of yourself.

  • Everything that is shared is held in confidence within the group.


  • Check out this blog post for more on how a meeting works.

What would be expected of you?

  • Be physically and mentally present for all meetings

  • Prepare for your hot seat

  • Remain positive

  • Be supportive at all times

  • Orient all contributions toward success

  • Be honest

  • Give as much as you get

  • Share openly

  • Maintain confidentiality

  • Commit to your success and that of other members

What's in it for you?

  • The attention and focus of all members when you're in the hotseat. All eyes are on you during your hotseat. Every member's contribution has you and your success at its core.

  • Solutions, ideas, support, feedback. After each hotseat you'll have ideas that you can use immediately to achieve your results.

  • Accountability. Each meeting you’ll report your progress on actions you committed to at the last meeting.  Members and Lyanne (your facilitator), will hold you accountable to your commitments.

  • Support between meetings from other members. Members are a phone call or instant message away.

  • Personal and professional growth. The learning you get during mastermind group meetings comes from each member sharing insights from their experiences. You will learn from their successes and mistakes, and since you're in a group of your peers, you frequently learn as much from others hot seats as you do your own.


  • Build your network. You'll have people you may have never otherwise met that you can continue to connect with for years to come.

Details of the blue dragonfly Mastermind for Credit Union Marketing Leaders

  • 2023 commitment to attend

    • 8 months; 9 meetings​

  • Dates

    • Kick-off:

      • January

    • Mastermind:

      • 1 meeting per month from January to May and September to November

  • Time

    • 90-minute meetings

    • 10:30am CST or 1:15pm CST

  • Cost

    • $1,200 CAD per participant

  • Virtual meetings

    • We will meet using Microsoft Teams

Mastermind Overview

Would you like to learn how Masterminding works?

Watch this 3.5-minute video.

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Credit Union Marketing Leaders
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What people say about
working with Lyanne

Lyanne is the type of Mastermind facilitator you look forward to – making sure there’s appropriate forethought and discussion so the result is meaningful, actionable insights and ideas. And she can add depth because she’s been through it all herself – branding, segmentation, strategy, automation, data, measurement, et. al. We met at the Financial Brand Forum in 2019 and as someone who was new to banking, I made a point to follow and engage her. She’s worth following!

Joel A. Swanson II, Vice President Marketing, Affinity Plus Federal Credit Union, Minnesota USA

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