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hello there


hello there

I'm so happy to meet you

I’m Lyanne, owner, consultant, marketing strategist and mastermind facilitator of blue dragonfly Marketing Strategies Ltd.


To start with sharing about me, join me in reminiscent memories taking me back to my young, formative years (I won’t even share how many years ago that was!).


From my earliest memory, business has been integral to my mindset and upbringing. My father was a long-tenured employee within the credit union system and left that career of 24 years to embark on his dream of being a business owner. I was six years old at the time. Seeing the perseverance, hard work, ingenuity, and vision that both my parents brought to growing a hobby business into a large, provincial business instilled a deep-set mentality of focus and strategy. I’m very proud that this business continues to grow and prosper under the hands and guidance of my sister and brother-in-law. I’d have to say that business is in our blood.

My Mom


My Dad 

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That's me!

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Humble beginnings to growth over the years

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Growing up with such hard-working role models meant many sacrifices, but the countless rewards outweighed the sacrifice, so many of which were intangible.


I too, have a rich, 28+ year history with credit unions. Throughout this tenure, I served and specialized in front-line member service, consumer and residential mortgage lending, mutual funds, sales and service training, leadership and management, data and analytics, and of course, marketing.  


I remember so many years back when I began in marketing and dreaming of having marketing tactics, campaigns or collateral that could be strong enough to be recognized and awarded. That was a respectable goal, and in 2006 it was achieved. That was the first of many years of national marketing award recognitions, where I created the material and/or led a winning team.

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I’ve always aspired to be well educated in areas of expertise and, over the years, have obtained the designations of ‘Accredited Consumer and Residential Mortgage Lender,’ ‘Fellow of the Credit Union Institute of Canada,’ and ‘Associate of the Credit Union Institute of Canada’ (management studies).

In addition to this, I hold the Chartered Marketer designation offered through the Canadian Marketing Association, have earned honours in certifications of Digital Marketing Strategy and Marketing Metrics and recently participated in a Connections Leadership Journey course.

Learning is lifelong, and I am confident I'll learn and know more tomorrow than I do today.

On a personal side, I previously held a certified aquatic instructor designation (inspiring people to come out, work hard and get sweaty, all while wearing a bathing suit!). From 2011-2021, I had a side business where I taught/led aqua-fitness classes. Although I no longer teach, I continue to inspire physical fitness and active living.


I also love being on a motorcycle and have my license for that too, but I really don't love holding onto the handlebars. So, I happily designate myself as passenger, photographer and navigator.


I have a unique perspective, a lifetime of understanding and experience and a deep-set desire to help leaders and businesses succeed in a very human, collaborative way.

Let's meet for a virtual coffee and get started on a great relationship.

Contact Lyanne today.

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