Advisory and Consulting

Marketing leaders are faced with and carry the weight of so many focuses.

Here’s a few, off the top of mind:

  • the demand for marketing return on investment,

  • the pressures to personalize transactions,

  • the need for the marketing to be integrated in all areas of the organization,

  • the need to stay on top of trends,

  • being digitally present,

  • understanding, actioning, and deployment of data analytics,

  • effectively inspire and lead,

  • budgetary/human resource constraints,

  • and let’s not forget, managing time, meetings, phone calls and emails.


Whew. That’s a lot.


When there are so many competing priorities, it can be so very tough to be proactive, strategic, present, and available for all things and all people.


Can you relate?

blue dragonfly Marketing Strategies (aka Lyanne) can help to ease the burden of marketing leadership by being a collaborative partner and back-stage resource who can:

  • ease the stress and pressures of projects

  • interpret the story in data and align it to organizational goals

  • tie the marketing tactics > to the marketing strategy > to the organization strategy/goals

  • focus the organization on the value marketing provides

  • be a sounding board for plans, tactics, and leadership

  • educate by drawing on professional and personal experience


This would be ideal for someone in marketing leadership (new or experienced). Lyanne will serve as your behind-the-scenes resource, meeting with you or a small team on a cadence that you like, for as long as it makes sense for you. She’d be your sounding board for plans and leadership, can enhance and build knowledge, be an idea or technique source, and provide a third-party, objective view. It would be like having an expert marketing guide at your side.


This would be ideal for a marketing leader or team who is challenged with time, knowledge, experience, or resources.

Lyanne will develop strategies and tactics which align the business goals and objectives. The result of this option includes project(s) and tactical communication plan(s), timeline and creative brief which can be deployed by your business.

Consultative Project

This would be ideal for a marketing leader or team who has a project to complete but is challenged with time, knowledge, experience, or resources. Lyanne will identify opportunities as observed via data, resources, and information provided by you, in addition to other pertinent data, resources, and information as available. Lyanne will make strategic recommendations that can assist you in furthering your business goals and objectives.

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What people say about
working with Lyanne

I have been fortunate to work alongside Lyanne for over 5 years. She is a talented individual so full of energy, creativity, and passion. She is an expert at taking an organizations mission, vision and strategy and connecting them to the marketing strategic plan and the tactics to support it. Lyanne’s ability allows her to connect strategy to bold and creative campaigns creating real impact for our members and communities. Lyanne is always listening to the voice of the member, her team members, and what the data is telling her. This enables her to be agile and flexible to ensure plans are timely and relevant. Lyanne is a great leader and has proven that she was as effective remotely as she was in person, a skill few have. I highly recommend Lyanne as a leader, communicator, facilitator, and strategist.

Have a conversation, you will see!

Trevor Beaton, Chief Innovation and People Officer, Synergy Credit Union