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If you are a marketing leader, if you work for a credit union or if you are a small-medium business owner, this could be the start of a great relationship.

With blue dragonfly, you are getting a deeply experienced, strategic, and accomplished marketer that can help to meet your business goals effectively and efficiently, not to mention, easing the load of marketing leadership.


blue dragonfly is a collaborative marketing partner that can:

  • quickly take on projects with positive, on time outcomes and results

  • be a guide to ensure marketing is tied to business goals, eliminating the waste of money, time, and resources

  • facilitate research findings into actionable strategies

  • coach to help elevate marketing knowledge

  • be a resource for ideation and collaboration

  • plus, as a facilitator of Mastermind, brings the power of like-minded individuals together to brainstorm, resulting in endless possibilities and immediately actionable outcomes


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Advisory & Consulting
for marketing leaders

Everyone needs a friend, especially one that can help to lighten the load. From a sounding board to vet ideas or bring in new ones, to one that can look at business objectives, data and information and bring it all together into a strategy, to developing a plan with actionable tactics.

for credit union
marketing leaders

Immerse yourself in a small group of like-minded people like you, from similar position and industry, who come together in a confidential and trusting, virtual relationship.


You’ll clarify goals, create a plan of action, and act on it with support and accountability, all in a matter of weeks. This is the ultimate brainstorm.

Learn more and apply to join the blue dragonfly Mastermind for Credit Union Marketers.

for anyone

From topics of marketing leadership, to expressing value in marketing, Lyanne can deliver dynamic and engaging presentations for your next virtual or in person event. 

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blue dragonfly’s mission is simple; to help businesses and leaders succeed.

This is done by working together to unlock insights, drive transformation, inspire action and achieve goals.

What people say about
working with Lyanne

Lyanne is like a Swiss army knife of skills and can bring in assistance to any kind of marketing challenges that people have.

I encourage any credit union with a resource strapped department to consider working with Lyanne (blue dragonfly); she felt like an extension of our department. She went over and above, and most of all, we had a really strong working relationship with a powerful outcome.”