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Welcome to blue dragonfly Marketing Strategies Ltd

If you are a marketing leader, if you work for a credit union or if you are a business owner, this could be the start of a great relationship.


blue dragonfly is a business marketing consulting practice that exists to lighten the load of marketing leaders. Having been a leader in marketing, I appreciate the complexities of the job and the many demands that come with it.

With blue dragonfly, you are getting a deeply experienced, strategic, and accomplished chartered marketer that can help to meet your business goals effectively and efficiently.

Let's meet and get started on a great relationship.

Contact blue dragonfly today.

Are your marketing tactics tied to your business goals? If not, you could be wasting time and money.  Strategy is ideal for those companies that could benefit from refined strategic marketing intent.

As a business, we are often asked to do more with less. Project work is ideal if you are tight on  resources - this could include time, human resource, knowledge or even budget constraints.

There is no end to the data that is available today. Data insights is ideal when you need to get a deeper understanding of the data results and want to tie it to the strategic business and marketing objectives.

Enhance your marketing knowledge and confidence. With decades of business, leadership and marketing experience, you can benefit by having a positive, encouraging coach at your side.

Lyanne is like a Swiss army knife of skills and can bring in assistance to any kind of marketing challenges that people have.

I encourage any credit union with a resource strapped department to consider working with Lyanne (blue dragonfly); she felt like an extension of our department. She went over and above, and most of all, we had a really strong working relationship with a powerful outcome.

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from ok to OUTSTANDING

Lyanne is a very thoughtful, creative, and hard-working individual. She is motivated by challenges and does not hesitate to venture into new waters. She has the perseverance and intellect it takes to negotiate new scenarios successfully.


Lyanne understands the use and the power of data in today’s marketing approach. She has used it successfully and honed her skills to be recognized for her expertise.


In addition to her marketing knowledge and skills, she has the ability to listen and relate to what her audience needs. As a person, she is warm, compassionate, always smiling, and willing to help.

I have been fortunate to work alongside Lyanne for over 5 years. She is a talented individual so full of energy, creativity, and passion. She is an expert at taking an organizations mission, vision and strategy and connecting them to the marketing strategic plan and the tactics to support it. Lyanne’s ability allows her to connect strategy to bold and creative campaigns creating real impact for our members and communities. Lyanne is always listening to the voice of the member, her team members, and what the data is telling her. This enables her to be agile and flexible to ensure plans are timely and relevant. Lyanne is a great leader and has proven that she was as effective remotely as she was in person, a skill few have. I highly recommend Lyanne as a leader, communicator, facilitator, and strategist. Have a conversation, you will see!

Beverly Brooks

Manager of Marketing,

Prairie Centre Credit Union

Deepak Mehta



Trevor Beaton

Chief Innovation and People Officer

Synergy Credit Union

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There's nothing like reading what people have to say, in their own words. 
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​As individuals and as leaders, we can't know everything. We just can't. Strengthen your position with the collective wisdom of a group of like-minded people, like you.


Move forward, faster with immediately actionable outcomes.

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blue dragonfly’s mission is simple; to help businesses and leaders succeed.

This is done by working together to unlock insights, drive transformation, inspire action and achieve goals.

The dragonfly’s flight across water represents an act of going beyond what’s on the surface to see what's deeper.

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