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The flight of the Blue Dragonfly name

As I was imagining my new business, one element – the one that people often see first – is the name. What’s in a name? For me, it’s important to have meaning behind it, something deeper that resonates what is possible when clients work with me, something that is memorable, something that says what the business is. It’s a tall order.

When choosing, I filled a notebook with potential business names, I polled friends and family, I researched and googled (I know there are companies out there that can do this and come up with witty and clever names, but I wanted to do this on my own).

Well friends, it took a while.

For each name potential, I researched the meaning behind it and asked myself “does this resonate with what my business will be?” If it could check that box, then I went into the massive world of google and searched up to see if it was taken, and if so, was it by another business in the same country, same industry, etc.

Then I had to see if it was already registered in my province. Then to see if there were any registrations with trademark Canada. Then to see if a website address could be attained. Then to see if I could get the social media handles I wanted. And only then, could the name be a contender.

I had to come up with three names that I could be pleased to grow my business into, just in case the first and second were rejected when submitted for registration. whew. Fortunately for me, my first and primary name was good to go.

How the blue dragonfly landed….

I’ve always loved dragonflies. They fascinate me. So much so, that years ago I had an artist permanently ink a blue dragonfly on my arm. I love it. I love the story of how I got it, I love to look at it, I love to see its beauty.

I wanted the word dragonfly in my business name. Turns out that dragonfly is a VERY popular name for many, many businesses, so leading with it was almost impossible. Discouraged, I was searching and trying to settle on a different name, but gosh, none of them ‘felt’ right.

My son said to me, how about Damselfly, those are the blue dragonflies we have in our yard. Wait, what did you say? Now, ‘damsel’ isn’t the image I want to portray, but blue dragonfly that could work!!

Symbolism of the Dragonfly

  • The dragonfly, in almost every part of the world, symbolizes change.

  • The dragonfly’s scurrying flight across water represents an act of going beyond what’s on the surface and looking deeper.

  • The dragonfly accomplishes its objectives with utmost simplicity and effectiveness.

Symbolism of the color Blue

  • Symbolism: security, trust, loyalty, responsibility.

  • Effects of blue: protects, calms, relaxes, supports.

  • Positive traits: confidence, peace, honesty, reliability.

And so, after months of research and a few bucks with the lawyer’s office, my new company “Blue Dragonfly Marketing Strategies Ltd.” was established.

To have this name, I made a few concessions that I am very OK with:

  • The URL for my website is long, and so is my email address.

  • There is a blue dragonfly marketing out there – but they sell promotional items, so it’s a different business.

  • I’m still not sure if I was able to trademark the name – that takes time.

  • If I ever go international, Europe and Australia don’t view the dragonfly in the same positive light as we do in North America.

If you are looking at naming a business of your own, I hope this helps to give you a few things to think about. If you are reading because you are interested in my journey, that’s pretty cool too.

Keep on being amazing,



Whether you are interested in learning more about how Blue Dragonfly can help your business, are interested in joining or learning more about Mastermind groups, would like to chat about a speaking engagement, or just want to meet with me, this is a great way to get started. Contact | Blue Dragonfly Marketing Strategies (

Cheers to the beginning of a great relationship.

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