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Grammar and Spelling – what you learned in grade school counts

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Isn’t it nifty how you have a device with you ALL the time? Random thoughts flow through your mind and >> POOF! << it’s out for the world to see.

If you are a social media fan, if you have a website, if you are a blogger, or if you really enjoy sharing your ideas, make sure to take stock on your spelling and grammar.

I can’t tell you how many times my thumb has been flipping through a news feed for my eyes to be captured by a typo or grammatical error. I’ll admit, I’ve had those occasions too (excuse me a moment while I dust off my nose), I am human after all. But I strive for those occasions to be very far and few between.

You may be thinking “Why does it matter, people know me and what I’m thinking, they can figure it out, right?”. Short answer, wrong.

How you present yourself in the digital world counts toward your personal brand. When you have poor grammar and frequent typos, it can appear to translate to a lower level of intelligence. Ouch! That was harsh. But kind of true.

If you were to pick up a magazine, a book, or a newspaper, and it was filled with errors, what would your thoughts be on the editor or the company? Probably low. You might be thinking, gosh, if they can’t get that right, how will they look after me?

Well, that shines through on your personal brand as well. Remember, it isn’t just you and your buddies that are reading what you post. Your words (with proper grammar or not) are out there and can be read by so many – including potential employers, employees and customers – some that you may never have met before. What would you like them to think about you?

Keep on being amazing,



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Mar 17, 2022

Being in an executive role, this is something I expect of myself - and of anyone else in a senior role. Not only does sloppy work reflect on themselves, it also reflects on the company they represent. Grammar and formatting - it pays to take your time! Jocelyne Paul, Executive Director

Ottawa-Carleton Lifeskills

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