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Cattle at Large

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

I am penning this post today from a campsite with the fire crackling to my right, my dog snoring at my feet and the lush green forest as my backdrop.

Yesterday, my husband and I were touring the area and crossed a Texas gate, with a sign just before it that read ‘Cattle at Large’. This of course means look out, there are cattle roaming freely, so pay attention that you don’t run into our cow.

'Large', by definition, means “of considerable or relatively great size, extent, or capacity”. I would suggest when we see the word ‘large’, we would most likely think of it defined as that. However, it also means “of wide range or scope”. The English language can be a tricky one.

When you are preparing communications for your business, be it a social media post, press release, copy for an ad, or letter to your customers, what steps do you take to ensure the communications are engaging, clear, understandable, and known that it comes from your business regardless of who is writing it?

Here are 5 things to take into consideration when you are penning your copy:

1. Tone of voice for your brand

  • This is how you communicate the personality of your brand. It’s what draws your customers and followers to you, and is felt in the written word, as well as your in person interactions. Is your brand serious, funny, whimsical, compassionate, or formal (to name a few)? How does that come across in your written word?

  • Your tone of voice can help to set you apart from the competition. You have mere seconds to get people’s attention during a thumb scroll.

2. Impactful selection of words

  • Find the ideal words to get the message across, give the audience a reason to pause and absorb the content while fitting it into (often times) a small area.

3. Grammar and miss-spelling

  • There is not anything that will lose a reader or follower faster than consistent grammatical errors. The subconscious clicks in, and readers may question the capability of the business. Harsh, I know. So, run your copy by an eagle eye co-worker, or use a program that will catch errors.

4. Storytelling

  • When you are writing, are you bringing your readers with you? Can they see or feel what you are trying to say? Can they imagine being in the experience you are talking about? Be careful here and refer to the second point. Don’t go down so deep a rabbit hole that you lose their attention.

5. Oh jargon, you devil

  • When we are deep in our business, we will often use jargon or acronyms, and not think twice that the rest of the world has no clue what it means. Always imagine you are sharing the message with someone who has no idea; this will eliminate that uncomfortable or frustrated feeling the reader would get if they don’t understand.

Spend some time on your copy (there’s another word with the same spelling/different meaning). If writing isn’t your strong suit, lean into someone who excels at it.

Although the English language is a tricky one, with different meanings and the same spelling, it’s also filled with so many beautiful and impactful words that can make all the difference for your business.

Keep on being amazing,



Whether you are interested in learning more about how blue dragonfly can help your business, are interested in joining or learning more about Mastermind groups, would like to chat about a speaking engagement, or just want to meet with me, this is a great way to get started.

Cheers to the beginning of a great relationship.

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