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Build it and they will come … only happens in the movies

You’ve built the most robust, incredible website.

Your new service that was years in the making just went public.

You’ve just brought in the coolest gadget that anyone who uses it will fall in love with.

So where are the people?

Throughout my career I’ve observed this time and again. Expressions such as “Why wouldn’t someone want what I’m offering?” or “It’s out there now, it should catch like wildfire and everyone should be slamming down the door to get it, why aren’t’ they?” The short answer – marketing, or rather lack of it.

Imagine this. You’ve just spent millions on a state-of-the are building that will serve as a hub for new business that is projected to bring in massive revenue. The location lines right up with what the business needs. But…it’s located in a field. Hundreds of kilometers from the major highways. Near a small town. And other than the people building it, no one knows how to get to it. What do you do?

Sometimes we get so focused on what we are building or creating, that we forget the consumer hasn’t been on that journey with us. When we go to launch, we think “whew’ that was a heavy lift, now to watch people flock in”. Only they don’t.

The value that marketing brings, is to:

  • Share why your service/offering/gadget is worth considering and purchasing.

  • It’s to intrigue further investigation.

  • It’s to create opportunities for conversation.

  • It’s to help educate.

  • It’s so that you can be seen.

  • It helps to ease the conversation for your front-line employees.

  • It brings the consumer on the journey with you.

And by succeeding in this, then if what you’ve built/designed/created meets the consumer needs, they act on it.

It seems simple enough, but this is so often overlooked.

If this resonated for you, maybe it’s time to re-look at your marketing strategy to see if what you are doing is meeting the business needs.

Keep on being amazing,



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Cheers to the beginning of a great relationship.

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